Wednesday 7 February 2024

Galapagos journals Day 9

Dear diary,

Today was supposed to be a day to relax and regain our strength after yesterday's travel day. But when Dan says 'let's relax', you know that his idea of relax is quite different from normal people's idea of relax! 

But, to be fair, it ended up being quite a relaxing day, particularly by Dan's standards. In the afternoon, we walked out to a beach called La Playita. We initially thought that the snorkelling wouldn't be so good but there were hundreds of tiny fish, and when you got near them, it was like swimming through a shiny cloud. Their scales glinted in the sunlight making them seem like angels in the kingdom of the devil, as the sea was all dark and gloomy from the clouds above! We stayed there for a while pretending to be sea lions surfing in the waves and making sand forts [Do sea lions really make sand forts? Ed]

It was early evening by the time we arrived at the local beach bar (called the Pink Iguana Bar) on the edge of the village, and we decided to have a drink. I had a fresh pineapple juice and had fun trying out the slackline. I tried time and time again to walk on the slackline but it was really hard. I didn't manage to walk all the way but I think I got about half way. 

Seeing a pink flamingo flying over our heads while on the slackline was pretty cool. 

I am still blown away by how amazing everything is, and I have to pinch myself when I see things like these around me. 

Tomorrow, we are up early to go up one of the volcanoes on Isabela (there are many volcanoes on the island). I think it's going to be hard and hot, but I can't wait. 

Bye for now.


  1. Fabulous. Not sure my last comment published - doh! I wonder how you are all going to cope with the return to England. Do tell Dan he is going to have to plan an exit strategy from South America on your return to England! Perhaps start planning your next big trip to Africa although Dan explored a lot of it already! Lots of love to you all. Mxxxx

  2. I am more worried about Ioanna who, at the moment, is in denial about having to come back to Bristol. We might have to organise emergency holidays in Greece to coax her on to the plane.