Tuesday 6 February 2024

Galapagos journals Day 8

Dear diary,

Today was a travelling day so basically a long drag from Santa Cruz to another one of the Galapagos islands called Isabela. The ferry left very early in the morning so we had to wake up super early and it took up most of the morning which meant that we didn't have time to do much else. The boat ride was long and a bit boring, but, luckily, I wasn't sick. I think what really helped was that I had my headphones and could listen to audio books. I really like the Scarlet and Ivy mysteries audio books and I listened to those.

First impressions of Isabela? Pretty good and very different from Santa Cruz. It's greener than I thought it would be and more chilled than busy Santa Cruz. Also, most roads are still sandy (not paved) so the feel of the island is very chilled. 

Of course, there is also very good snorkelling. We went to a natural pool called Concha Perla, close to a mangrove forest which looks incredible - like we entered a haunted garden. There was a lot of fish, turtles and sea lions but the most amazing thing we saw was the sleeping whitetip reef shark! I know you are probably thinking that sharks can't sleep! Well, apparently, some can by using more fish-like gills instead of the normal shark ones. I guess that's evolution for you! It was lying at the bottom of a channel not moving and quietly snoozing, I wouldn't have seen it if there were any fish, or other animals around!

And I almost forgot to mention that we also saw loads of starfish. They looked beautiful. 

An early night for us tonight, we are all exhausted.


  1. The mangrove swamps are extraordinary. I don't remember them quite like your picture when I grew up in South Africa. Your Uncle Bertie and I did a fair bit of walking through mangrove swamps but we didn't see sharks. Amazing to see one sleeping. What a trip! Lots of love Mxxxx

  2. Hi Margaret. Lovely memories of you and Bertie. Here there are four types of mangrove. The black mangrove grows in the saltiest water and we licked the salt crystals off the leaves.