Sunday 6 August 2023

Tour For Tips Santiago

We had a free afternoon from searching for a car and we decided to do a tour of  Santiago that some other people we met had recommended called Tours 4 Tips. Basically, a guide who is dressed up as Where's Wally gives you a tour (which is ''free'') and you give them a tip at the end.

We went to lots of places in the historic centre of Santiago but an interesting part was when he explained to us about Chile in the 1970s and the last three years (even though it was a bit bloody).


  1. Wow! So glad you've arrived safely. Oscar and Ned very excited to hear about your tour with Wally! Have a fabulous time, Will, Milly, Oscar and Nedley

  2. A great start to your adventures - so glad you are having fun! Keep up the blogging, can’t wait to hear what you do next! Emma, Ben, Jamie and Lucy

  3. We love these posts, keep them coming!!!

    Lots of love, Manos and Sotiris