Wednesday 4 October 2023

Ismene's dreams come true and my grandad's secret life

This post has the bits left over from the post coming next. But they aren't just leftovers; they are the most incredible leftovers in the whole world of leftovers!!

Did anyone guess that when I said Ismene's dreams came true, I meant that we saw a SLOTH! When we left Santa Cruz, we got out of the car in a square of a little town and Dan looked around the square and asked a lady: "Hay perizosos aqui?" which in Spanish means "Are there sloths here?". The lady pointed across the square and there it was...a sloth  hanging from a tree branch! When we first saw it, Ismene said "That is not real" but it was! It really was just in the town's square, being looked after and cared for by the locals. The people in town told us that, once, the sloth got onto the road and a police man picked it up and put it down below a tree so it didn't get squashed by the cars! Ismene's face was lit with an indescribable joy when she saw it! Seeing her favourite animal, there in front of her - not in the depths of a jungle or an animal refuge - was just amazing!

The second part of this post is the story of my grandad's double-life :) When we were in Samaipata (a town we stayed in after Santa Cruz), we saw a rally race passing through town. The rally race itself was amazing! The cars weren't even slowing down for the corners and were sliding round so fast, I thought they would come off the road! When they slowed down at a checkpoint, the Bolivian kids would ask the drivers to sign slips of paper as autographs!! The speed of the cars was unimaginable and, when on straight parts of the road, they would zoom faster than ever!

Now the funny thing was that one of the drivers looked unmistakably like my grandfather in Greece, Chronis, or so we thought when his racing car zoomed past us! Who would know my grandfather is a secret South American rally racer? Certainly, not me! 

So my friends, as I said at the beginning of this post, do you think this post was full of leftovers or did it really deserve a post of itself?


  1. Definitely the story deserved a post! (Barbara)

  2. I really liked reading your story! I am so excited that Ismene saw her favourite animal 😮 (Aurora)