Thursday 5 October 2023

Life as a giant fern (a creative writing story by Ismene based on the Cloud Forest we visited in Samaipata)

I am a giant fern. Some people think I am a tree but actually I am a plant. When I am young, I am half a meter long and when I am 1000 years old, I am about 5 meters long. There are ferns around me that are much higher than me. Some are 10 or 13 meters long which means they are much much older. 

I live in deep dark forests in Bolivia, called cloud forests (which are called cloud forests because they usually have a lot of clouds on top of them and there is a lot of moisture in the air). Every year, I grow one set of leaves.

Life in the forest is a race for light. We usually live in big families with other ferns to help each other. I like knowing my family is around me and can help me if I need to. 

A long time ago, there were big animals in the forest, as big as dinosaurs. I am so glad those nasty dinosaurs aren't around anymore because they would eat our leaves. I had to develop spikes to protect myself from them, it was that bad. Now there are no animals in the forest, not even monkeys. It's only birds and us. 

My family has lived in this forest for nearly 300 million years, so as  you can imagine, we are very resilient and very strong. I really hope we survive for another 300 million years.


  1. Hello giant fern! Goodness me, you are able to grow four times as tall as me, and live more than 900 years longer than me. You look very green and beautiful, given how old you are. Have you any tips for me on how to grow old gracefully? Do you moisturise? Do you have a healthy diet with lots of good nutrients?

  2. Your home must be very beautiful. I don't think you would like to live where I do. It is very hard and dry with chalky soil.
    Here's to your next hundred years! Sallie

  3. Hello, Ismene, another budding writer. I enjoyed reading
    your imaginative account, and am amazed at the age and size of the ferns. A really beautiful photo too. Did you pick one particular fern to inspire you?