Monday 7 August 2023

A day of native experiences

On Saturday, we went to the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art, a museum with sculptures and weapons found in Chile from before the Spaniards invaded, so from the age of the Incas (native people of Peru) and Mapuche (Native people of Chile). So, as you can imagine all of the artefacts were rather old but interesting! My favourite artefact was a Incan Quipu (way of recording data in quantity, type and position of knots on cords strung together). I already knew this from Horrible Histories. 

For lunch, we went to a Mapuche restaurant which was in the main market in Santiago.

On the way, we were tempted by numerous people from other restaurants to go to their restaurant instead, but by being determined to try it out and having a straight mind, we found our destination in the midst of a busy market. As soon as I tasted the pork and seaweed soup, I knew my hard work to get there had paid off - it was instantly warming (I was cold as it was outdoors) and the most delicious thing I had eaten since landing in Santiago!

On the way home, we were surprised by a colourful and booming parade of indigenous people from Peru and Bolivia who were dancing and singing in one of main roads in the city centre. They looked like flamboyant cowboys/girls.  


  1. Oresti, you've got to find the recipe for that soup before you leave Chile! :)

  2. Soup sounds amazing! Tell Ismene that we like her jumper! ❤️