Saturday 5 August 2023

Looking for a car to buy!

 The first days in Santiago were spent looking for a car to buy but believe me, that was pretty exciting as well! We were aided by Suzi Santiago (a small company helping travellers buy and sell cars in South America).

We spent the first 2 days driving around Santiago looking for a car. At the end of the first day, we thought we hit the jackpot but then we realised - guess what? – it was a scam! So, the car hunt continued until on the second day we found…

This one isn’t a scam and is perfect for us but there was a problem with transferring the money. The person selling the car gave us the wrong bank number, so it looks like we are staying in Santiago a little longer than we planned to (in a really nice apartment with a swimming pool and a bunk bed)!! 

Let the wait begin!

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  1. Another great post Orestis! I think this car's worth waiting for...