Wednesday 16 August 2023

Leaving Santiago

On Saturday morning, after a marathon of packing the car, we finally made it out of Santiago. Hoorah! We drove to a campsite near the border with Argentina to stay for the weekend!     

A 7 year old Chilean boy living in the campsite showed us around where a waterfall was and played badminton with us. We also had a swim in the swimming pool that was freezing but good fun after a whole day of doing jobs around town to get ready for the trip. 

It was pretty boring for me and Ismene but, at least, in the evening, we had an amazing trout freshly caught from a fish farm that we visited near the campsite.

Leaving to go to Argentina tomorrow morning…

Ps. The Chilean kid was very good fun but a bit of a walking disaster. He climbed a barbed wire fence and ran into an olive tree. I think we might have finally met someone who has more accidents than Ismene 😊

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  1. Ha! He sounds like the perfect friend. How's your Spanish coming along?