Wednesday 28 February 2024

A chilled-out weekend in the hills with a Moroccan twist

For the weekend, we went to a campsite outside Popayan in a beautiful place up on the hills, where Ismene and I run around and did our thing. The campsite was owned by a Moroccan family who also travelled with their three children in South America for almost five years and then settled in Colombia. Their place was wild and hilly, with loads of flowerbeds in high and low parts, with many places to explore.

We didn't do much all weekend but we did go horse riding again. We rode up to a small, rainwater lake but, on the way up, I had a horse that was a bit lively and was trying to pull ahead, which I really didn't like. So we decided that, on the way down, Dan and I would switch horses which gave me a more enjoyable ride. And I am very glad we did because it started raining and the horses wanted to go even faster. 

Among the things we did at the campsite, I really enjoyed playing with the owners' dog (the famous queen Bidousha, who stayed outside our tent all night to guard Ismene and me). I also really liked having the time and space to finally do some whitling. I made a hunting knife to go with my bow and arrow and I think it looks really good. 

Finally, on Sunday after the horse riding, we had one of the most delicious meals EVER! Anouar (our host) cooked us an amazing lamb tajine! A tajine is a rich Moroccan stew cooked in a pot with a cone-shaped lid ending in a funnel to let out the steam. The meal was seriously delicious and some of the best lamb I've ever had (and you all know how much I like lamb :))

We are now heading towards an area in Colombia with many fertile valleys where they make a lot of coffee and chocolate. The area is also very famous for one more thing, that Ismene in particular is very much looking forward to, but I will reveal this in my next post. 


  1. Well done riding the lively horse but I'm glad you swapped with Dan. It's not very pleasant on a difficult mount. Who was riding lookalike Shannon? I am loving your descriptions of Colombia. I nearly went once with a music group Classico Latino that I was helping. They had amazing concerts in Colombia but they are based in England so on your return we'll go to a concert. Lots of love to you all. xxxx

    1. Hi Margret, the "Shannon" was the feisty one that I (then Dan) rode. xxxxx Love Orestis

  2. What is it with you Greeks and lamb? Poor little lambs with their woolly coats and waggly tails. I was amused to see you had helmets for riding, but they look like the ones we had when I was your age. They never stayed on one's head when most needed - when one fell off or was bucked off! lots of love, Sal

  3. So glad you had good times and memories with us, same down here, you have left a finger print in our hearts...On another token, I went partially through the Blog, amazed about your writing skills, keep walking and hope to see you some other times. XXXXLOVES