Wednesday 31 January 2024

Galapagos journals Day 3

Dear diary,

Baby shark, doo doo do-doo do-doo, baby shark, doo doo do-doo do-doo! It was definitely one of those days and I'll tell you why. We left in the morning to go to the Tortuga Bay, but despite its name, we didn't see any turtles. The bay was amazing, and felt sheltered from the wind and closed off from the waves. Bright white sand and turquoise blue waters. I am going to whisper this so that Ioanna doesn't hear but it really reminded me of Greece! 

As I said, we didn't see any turtles but we did see quite a lot of other animals. Of course, the welcoming committee was again constituted by a lot of bored and grumpy-looking iguanas. I think the iguanas will be the capybaras of the Galapagos. Just endless! They are everywhere :)

On the bay, there were also a lot of pelicans. I didn't actually see this because I was snorkelling further away but apparently a pelican splashed into the water next to Ismene, caught a fish, then flew off!! And Ismene didn't even see it!! 

We also spotted an eagle ray but didn't manage to swim fast enough to see it from close by. We just saw its wings flapping outside the water. 

What else? Ah yes...the sharks! I was swimming near the shore when Dan saw a baby white-tipped reef shark, and when I got close to Dan, it swam away from him in my direction. It came within 20 cm of my face! It was awesome and I am so glad I got there in time! 

Later on, we spotted a baby hammerhead shark gliding near the mangroves. We watched it from above while standing up and the hammer shaped head was unmistakable. You could see its eyes following you from below! It was just weird, halfway between amazing and creepy! Before leaving the beach, there were so many baby hammerheads near the many that we thought the bay should be renamed Shark Bay from now on. 

What can I say....? I can get used to this island life!

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  1. Can't believe you were actually in the water with the sharks no matter how small. The small ones at home could eat a toe and/or a finger! You're either brave or crazy! Galapagos sounds quite amazing. The pelicans are discrete then? Fancy Ismene not noticing. Blimey. :-)