Tuesday 30 January 2024

Galapagos journals Day 1

Dear Diary,

Oh my gosh! And we are in the Galapagos!!

As soon as our plane touched the ground, I came out of the plane first into the hot, humid air. It became clear very quickly that the Galapagos had a sleepy welcoming committee there to greet us! And no, I don't mean the airport staff, I mean...land iguanas! As we walked to the airport to get our baggage, the scaly reptiles laid in the sun to greet us! It was amazing and I was wowed by the amount of wildlife we've already seen!

First, we had to take a bus to our ferry taxi. As we reached the port, we saw dolphins and eagle rays gliding about in the clear water chasing the fish and watching us board our boat! The small relatives of the manta ray looked brilliant with their spotted backs under the water. I just couldn't believe how much we've seen already in just half an hour!

We then had to drive by bus to the main port town in Santa Cruz. On the ride across the island and up the highest volcanic peak, out of the bus window, we saw giant turtles munching on the grass and patrolling the roads while watching the cows in the field! I can assure you... they were truly giant! At first, their huge size made me confuse them with rock volcanic boulders. It started to look a bit like all these animals were fake or plastic. We were just amazed!

In the evening, while strolling about in town, we walked along the harbour only to see a baby seal just lying around, watching people walk by! And then more baby marine iguanas were around relaxing in the sun right next to the sally-lightfoot crabs clung to the walls! 

We decided to take a dip in the sea, and at the harbour, a seal was chilling next to people fishing and jumping off the harbour wall into the sea! Including me! The water was cool and refreshing and fun after a hot sweaty day, especially swimming with the seals, more eagle rays while pelicans flew over your head!

We had quite a day! I am so ready for the island life :)

ps. While we are on the Galapagos, I will try to write small daily posts because there's probably so much to see and tell you about. So stay put...and I'll see you soon.

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  1. What a fantastic atmosphere. Can't believe wild mammals and reptiles can live in such harmony with each other. To see them so relaxed is a massive wonder. I can imagine how inviting and glorious that water was after a long humid day. I am starting to sound like a parrot being very repetitive saying how envious I am. What an amazing trip. Love it. Margl xxxx