Thursday 14 December 2023

What is blue, vast and freezing cold?

The Pacific ocean of course!! We finally made it to the coast!'s so good to leave the mountains (sorry Dan but it is!) and see the blue blue sea! 

And we didn't just see it from afar but we swam in it! It was so good to be in the sea again. And I have to say it didn't feel as cold as I thought it would. Maybe I am getting used to freezing cold waters. 

We also visited the most important coastal ruins in Peru - Puerto Inca - which was the main Inca port. Apparently, there was one Incan emperor who loved fish so much who got the messengers to get him fresh fish from the sea every day!!! That is a good 24 hours running from the port to Cusco at 10kms per hour! The lives of the runners were at stake if the fish was even a tiny bit smelly because the emperor would behead them, and because he couldn't tell which of the runners had gone slowly, he had to behead them all! Not a great prospect for the runners :)

(Here is me pretending to be an Incan runner taking fresh fish to Cusco! Wish me luck!)


  1. Wow that is amazing you swam in such cold water. You must take after your Great Grandmother, your Grandmother and your Aunt Ioni. The Pacific looks fabulous but not much swell/waves for an ocean. Are you in a protected bay? That running looks hard in the soft sand. Poor runners. How old were the runners, any idea? Let me know when you are planning to go to Colombia as I have some suggestions if you'd like them? Lots of love to you all. Mxxxx

    1. Hi Margaret we would love your recommendations for Colombia.The bay is rather protected and it was very nice to swim there as the bay around the corner was unprotected and quite a lot more wavy!