Tuesday 19 December 2023

Another great discovery: The Lord of Sipan

The Lord of Sipan is one of the most amazing archaeological finds in the world, and we visited it here in northern Peru. Take a guess which one is correct: 

  1. He had more riches than the kings of Egypt
  2. His grave was never looted
If your answer was No2, you are correct. The Lord of Sipan was a high ranking warrior priest of the late Moche period (1st to 8th century AC) buried with two warriors, a dog, two young girls and a small boy. Fun Fact: one of the men and the two women were missing their left feet. The reason for this is a mystery to this day! He was displayed in his full splendour with many pieces of gold and jewellery!

Nearby his tomb, another tomb was found which was older but had the same beauty and splendour. We have now confirmed a DNA link so we suspect that they were farther and son and so the second tomb was named the Old Lord of Sipan!

We stopped by the actual archaeological site to see what we could see and expected to see some mounds to show where the graves were. It was a particularly hot day so I wasn't really in the mood. Boy...were we wrong about this? The archaeologists had made recreations of the tombs and visitors could walk down into the Lord of Sipan's tomb or where it would be and look at the recreations.  It looked really cool and I can imagine how excited the archaeologists would have been to find this. It might feel like a miracle for them!

The archaeological site was still an active site and the archaeologists were supervising building roofs so they could excavate more of the unknown tombs. Who knows what they could find under there???

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