Saturday 2 December 2023

A letter to the mayor of Bristol

Dear Mayor of Bristol,

I am writing to you to propose an alternative idea for transportation in Bristol. You have probably considered every possible option, yet I think, I have a fantastic idea: a teleferic system. After having travelled on La Paz's 40km long teleferic system, I am confident that having a similar teleferic system in Bristol, would revolutionize our city! 

As well as being a fun and enjoyable way to get around, it is also cheaper and easier to construct than an underground, which I know is what is currently proposed for our city. When building an underground, you could meet many obstacles, whereas building a teleferic is more straightforward and requires less disruption and destruction of current infrastructure. I have also come up with a solution about how to build the stations on Bristol's narrow streets: stations can be built over the roads like a tunnel!

I believe that a teleferic system would greatly enhance Bristol's tourism (we would be the only city in England to introduce this system) and there would be less pollution which I know is something very close to your heart!

But I would let the photos of La Paz's teleferic speak for themselves! If nothing else, do consider the element of fun in this system!

Yours sincerely,



  1. What a great idea Orestis! I’d definitely back this idea. Love Fleur x

  2. Dear Orestis, splendid idea! Often thought it'd be a lovely way to get to and from Brook Cottage too!! What wonderful views you must have had. We continue to really enjoy terrific accounts of all these adventures. Sending love from Kent. X

  3. Brilliant. Love it. Have you had a response from the Mayor? Mxx