Thursday 12 October 2023

Time travelling on the Bolivian altiplano

We are in Corillera de los Frailes, the imposing ridge forming Sucre's background and where an Incan trail is! I am a happy happy boy!

We travelled back in time yet again, but this time to the time of the Incas. We walked along a neatly made trail from Chisquera to just above our small lodge. The trail was surrounded by amazing geography such as steep rocky valleys dotted with an occasional green tree. Then, there were the deceivingly tall sandy coloured cliffs rising from below to above the Inca trail. It's all very big in scale and quite intimidating. And very very dry. 

We also went to visit the Devil's Throat cave and the waterfall but I was so zonked from the heat and a nasty headache (I hope it's not a sign of altitude sickness) that I barely remember anything about it. 

Like in Sucre, we travelled even further back in time to the dinosaur times. This time a smaller yet clearer collection of dinosaur footprints awaited us. And this time you could sit and place your hands in them and touch them. Roaaaarrrr...

Next stop: Salar de Uyni and maybe the most exciting post yet.

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