Wednesday 20 September 2023

Happy birdie Dan!

To celebrate Dan’s birthday, we woke up before dawn (the early worm catches the bird they say...!) and set off to the nearby watchtower to see the sun rise and animals waking up. Maybe this is not your preferred way of spending your birthday but...hey...this is Dan we are talking about!

We love you Dan – you are the best! It’s 50, not out!


  1. Hear hear! thank you, Orestis for keeping up the family tradition of atrocious puns and thank you Ioanna, I guess, for the photo - 'watch the birdie' is too old-fashioned for the punsters, but was said in the days of studio photography.
    loads of love to you all, Sal

  2. Great update. Happy Birthday Dan! B,E,J&L

  3. Happy belated birthday, Dan. We've just come back from your mum's birthday party. Mariam made a great cake, and Ioni has photos of all your cousins. Greetings from Julia, Simon and Amanda