Saturday 9 September 2023

Coati Karate!

We left Ibera in an amazing storm with lightning lashing down on either side of us that seemed endless. Our car Chiquita was tested to the limits by the slippy, sticky red mud of the Ibera wetlands. To avoid the worse of the tropical storm, we spent two nights en-route in a lowly hut in sub-tropical jungle near the San Ignacio Mini Jesuit Mission ruins. 

After a boring and hot drive through Misiones, we reached Puerto Iguazu (with people in Messi football shirts everywhere!) and stayed in a wooden cabin with a swimming pool overlooking the mighty Parana river which separates Paraguay and Argentina. 

Why did we come to this place? Because from here you can visit the famous Iguazu falls...!

Most people have heard of Victoria falls and Angel falls but not many have heard of Iguazu falls even though they are considered by some as one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. Some might say, and I agree with them, that Iguazu falls are the most spectacular because there are over 100 different falls which makes the whole experience breath taking! 

 It also offers some amazing wildlife. On our visit, I spotted coaties (a cross between a monkey and a fox) climbing through the trees and so close to the tourists that they looked like they wanted to be stroked. I am not saying this is a good idea...coaties could be rather dangerous and we were warned by rangers in the park not to go too close. We also saw the waterfall swift, the emblematic species of Iguazu National Park. On our first waterfall, nicknamed the Devil's Throat, the swifts were flying through the thunderous falling water - they just looked so brave to charge through the curtain of water that could sweep away massive lorries. Ioanna also spotted our first toucan which made Ismene jump for joy.
At the Devil's Throat, the most impressive of all the falls, you had to shout to be heard because the sound of the falling water was deafening and really quite overwhelming. Every now and then, clouds of spray hit us forcefully. 

Even though I read so much about this part of our journey, it was nothing in comparison to how I had imagined it. 

ps. When we saw the coaties, they were fighting and doing some pretty impressive moves so this is how this blog post got its name.

pps. Crossing to Brazil tomorrow (country no3) and I won't write a post for a few days. But don't worry...I'll be back.

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  1. Wow again! Stunning photos and great description - thank you! And I love the title. Love, Sal