Monday 17 July 2023

Leaving Party

All good trips start with a leaving party, so of course, we had to have one!I mean  which big trip in history doesn't have a good leavers party? But it wasn't any old party. It was a party that stretched over three days in the most magnificent place.

Why is it such a magnificent place I hear you ask ? Well, let's see: have you been to many places that are in the middle of nowhere with a tree house, a swing suspended 2 meters above the ground, a hammock, a paddling pool, a stream, a lawn and a forest in your garden? Because this is where we had our party: at Brook Cottage, Angus and Luke's place! 

People came from everywhere: Greece, London, Oxford, Cambridge and many other places. There were about 40 of us all in all ! Most of us slept in tents and camped in the woods!

The best part of the weekend was  the paddling pool or maybe the bonfire. Since the paddling pool was on the lawn, it was open 12 hours a day, from dusk till dawn and was free for you to dip in and out!

In preparation for the bonfire on Saturday evening, we sliced a tree apart (as it was already dying) and used the wood to make a roaring bonfire and used this to cook chickens and roast marshmallows. It was scrumptious!!

Thinking about it now, there is part of the party that could rival both the paddling pool and the bonfire as my favourite part of the weekend: THE DOG!!!  Whaaaaat??? I hear you ask. Well one of my dad's friends brought his mountain rescue dog named Griff and we all had great fun wearing him out and playing fetch! 

The family came from Lewes on Sunday too - I was so happy I couldn't open my eyes!!!

Let the adventure start!

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  1. Looks like Sallie was sooo happy that she couldn't open her eyes either! xx