Sunday 31 December 2023

First impressions from Ecuador

Country number 6!! Hello from equatorial Ecuador!

After crossing from the exhausting desert landscape of Peru, a welcome and unexpected surprise met our eyes! As I looked around, I realised there was no sand and instead the sight of lush tropical forests met my eyes. I looked at Ismene and we both exclaimed: "How is this possible??"!

New changes met us as we drove onwards: rivers full of water, trees like the ones in the Chaco (in Argentina) and bromeliads, flowers in bright colours that make your head turn, butterflies everywhere on the journey through the everlasting shades of green. It's great to get off the beach and into the mountains (sorry Ioanna but it is) :) 

More changes quickly became apparent and as we whizzed on along the winding road past hunks of fallen rock, Ioanna pointed out that the Ecuadorians seemed taller than the Peruvians and I'm not 100% sure of that but maybe they are. 

Everywhere we passed was adorned with Christmas decorations and everybody seemed festive and cheerful. We'll be spending Christmas here and I am very glad about it. 


  1. Happy New Year all! Love from the Keenans xxx we are really enjoying reading about all your travels xxx

    1. Hi Steph! Happy new year to you all too! Love Dan and co :)

  2. Happy New Year to you all. Wow how is it possible to experience such an amazing transformation from sand to lush vegetation? What is the explanation or do I need to read up :-) Lots of love to you all. Margl xxxx

  3. Hope you had a very happy Christmas! We had a great one chez Liz and Rog. Happy New Year to you all,